Write HW in agenda and get homework. They were instructed to take them home. Wear your Mustang spirit clothing Friday: Number the Stars; 5. All the 1’s-4’s are competing together.

Handout Black History 2. Students need to complete the following vocabulary words using the Frayer Model 1. How does he or she still affect our world today? Introduce The Monkey’s Paw; read Discuss: Students will organize their writing in their composition books. Complete the graphic organizer and the multiple choice quiz.

Who was involved in WWII 6. Name and date should be on every paper you turn in. Who was involved in WWII 5.

Students were specifically instructed to take them home and not leave them in their lockers. Include information about her childhood, marriage to Henry, death, and any other interesting facts you can find.

8th grade homework chms

Will you reach it? It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Thursday – “Stay the Course with Mustang Pride”: We should return to the school by Combos that make a meal is what the hokework bank needs.


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Adjective Clause handout 2. This 9 week’s essential questions are: Use complete sentences to answer the questions RACE. Read “Tale of a Wealthy Man”. I encourage your child to practice. Remember to dress up this week!!

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Students will write a review of the book and movie. MCT2 Practice Lesson 3.

Clickity Clink More Scary Stories pg. I dismiss the class, not the clock. Using Disney movies, students will determine themes within the stories. Read 30 minutes daily.

8th grade homework chms

Students are assigned articles to read, and then they answer the multiple choice questions that go with the assignment. Remember to be respectful and not disrupt. What does it mean to feel like an outsider?

8th grade homework chms

It’s a great program!! Students will organize their Interactive Notebooks to get it ready for the school year. Complete vocabulary cloze for CW grade 3.

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If it is a true emergency I will let you go during independent practice time. Types of clauses; Ex. Get the best math program for your kids. Finish The Devil’s Arithmetic movie version: What is an literary analysis? Pronoun Power worksheet; review 2. Narrative Writing; complete final draft. Students will be given 90 minutes to complete this portion of the exam. I can read short passages and determine their text structure; handout 4.