Homework has little educational worth, and therefore is a waste of students’ time. Help Center Find new research papers in: There are positive effects of homework also. I highly recommend watching Thomas Frank on you tube for this. We should expect to get a certain amount of homework per day and build other activities around the homework.

The main aim of education is to prepare us for the rest of lives. Does doing your homework make you feel more responsible? One side is agreeing the issue, the other is disagreeing that issue. Furthermore, Professor Cooper of Duke University has shown that by the high schools years, there is a strong and positive relationship between homework and how well students do at school. An average of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Karena discussion text itu memberikan dan mengakomodasi 2 sisi pendapat yang berbeda terhadap satu issue. And through creativity, we can automatically have knowledge; the knowledge we get through playing will forever be cherished not the knowledge we get through mountains of memorizing.

After years of bad homework experiences, it is no wonder that many children come to dislike education and switch jomework, or drop out too early.

But only if the school day in increased by a couple homewotk hours. Just live inside the school then. Of course, homework should be banned Retrieved July 15,from Washington Post: Using methods of effective work: From the health side, the children who like playing game will get sleepless, having no appetites, and games also dsbat make the eye witness because their eyes are too much watch on the monitor. Homework allows this to happen, encouraging students to go above and beyond what they do in school.


In conclution the childrens who spend their time to play game online have vebat social responbility, for example: Middle-class families with books and computers will be able to help their children much more than poorer ones can. Most homework is simply fulfilling a task that has already been explained so not truly teaching you to work on your own.

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Which leaves no time and energy for anything else Sometimes because bahsa teacher has not explained something new well in class, the homework task is impossible.

Homework ends up being done in a hurry, by students fighting fatigue, and poor quality work is produced.

debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

All the Yes points: If you the reader were to have to do 12 pages of homework in middle school through high school, would you be able to coup? Post as many as you like, but remember to be respectful and kind!

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Hojework must drive problematic discussion from different points of view. International comparisons of older students have found no positive relationship between the homewofk of homework set and average test scores. In a way I agree. So, they can learn to solve their problem in the real life.

A problematic discourse is the simple key to see whether the text is an example of discussion or the other genres. Support Dispute Clarify Bohemian 3 points While I don’t think it should be banned, it needs to be dramatically changed in it’s implementation.


debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

Homework is a waste of time. It would bahaza better to have a mixture of activities in the classroom which help students to develop a whole range of skills, including independent learning.

debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

Support Dispute Clarify dwaynwats 1 3 points homework shouldnt be banned because then the students wouldnt have as much family time as they should with there family so homework should be banned so that they canget better at sports and have an hour of play time outside with there family so homework should be banned 5 years ago Side: Homework doesn’t take all day; realistically you will have time for other things.

Each student are different in terms of their academic performance and desired training while homework could only provide fixed content and question.

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Do students need homework? Now we will see the following example of discussion text in English. Because we spend most of our time in school studying and learning our subjects that leaves us tired when we got home.

To the second of affirmative teamtime is yours! It should also a Homework should be band because of the fact that children will be stressed when doing there work for hours at a time. CreateDebate is a social debate community built around ideas, discussion and democracy.

The homework tests your proficiency in the topic.