This paper aims to explicate and examine one of the poems written by Goenawan Mohamad, Poem No. Both are prepositional phrases that consist of a preposition and a noun phrase. There are no idols, no negatiations with meaning. Amaz rated it really liked it Oct 08, Based on the linguistic forms and stylistic features employed by the author, this poem is originally written in poetic essay form.

Nonetheless, the interesting part of this stanza is that the translator utilizes different translation for junjunganku which can be seen in the following datum. Furthermore, seluruh niat which is translated into each intention also signifies there is a shift as seluruh means all. ISAI juga memberikan pelatihan bagi para jurnalis tentang bagaimana membuat surat kabar yang profesional dan berbobot. Meanwhile, it involves the difference in the number of words employed of this expression in the source text and also target text. Lists with This Book.

Erza Wayang rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Phonologically, several of those musical devices in the source text is not preserved in the target text as the translator decides to maintain the sense and meaning of the poem which also results in another kind of musical device exploited. Goenawan Mohamad is a leading Indonesian public intellectual, journalist, poet and activist.

Sebagai komposisi kreatif dan karya sastra yang menggambarkan mohaamad imajinatif, emosional, dan intelektual serta kreativitas penulisnya, sebuah puisi diklasifikasikan dalam jenis teks ekspresif berdasarkan kategori jenis teks Reiss.

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According to him, plays involve the movement of human bodies that enables the interaction and development goemawan words and ideas. Ia ikut menandatangani Manifesto Kebudayaan yang mengakibatkannya dilarang menulis di berbagai media umum.


Kemudian di beri keindahan dengan sajak-sajak penyair yang baru di ketahui si pembaca. If the target text is meant to be an expressive text, the translator should attempt to produce an analogous stylistic effect. Agus Haryanto rated it really liked it Mar mohaamd, Membaca buku ini membuka khasanah berpikir, setidaknya bagi si pembaca.

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In he co-founded Tempo magazine, and goenawam its’ chief editor until Ia tak akan bisa berbohong. Joe Sandriano rated it really liked it Mar 23, Namun hanya beberapa persen yang bisa dia mengerti.

essay goenawan mohamad

And so, at the dark of a temple at midnight, command me to sing before you, my Lord: View all 3 comments. GM was among the writers and intellectuals who signed the Cultural Manifest inwhich was perceived as running counter to the policies of President Sukarno, resulting in GM no longer being allowed to write for any published media.

Initially, Reiss sought to establish a correlation between text type and translation method, arguing for the need to preserve the predominant function of the text in translation.

Goenawan Mohamad: The Living Legend

Itulah yang di dapatkan si pembaca dari buku ini. Skip to main content. Theories and Application 4th edn. Lists with This Book. Tiga minggu, 14 catatan kecil, berpikir keras untuk mengerti, seorang pembaca.

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goenzwan Meanwhile, it involves the difference in the number of words employed of this expression rssay the source text and also target text. Both versions were published by KataKita in In addition to the efficiency employed by the translator, tujuan which is translated to its way suggests that the translator aims to emphasize it by adding the possessive pronoun its.


Song does not shoulder each intention, least of all its own. She has translated many literary and academic works from Indonesian into English and has been translating Goenawan Mohamad’s essay since Refresh and try again.

essay goenawan mohamad

Esai-esai pendek Goenawan, seolah mampu membawa ku terbang. This also shows the employment of style shift of changing the denotation to idiomatic expression.

Kata, Waktu: Esai-esai Goenawan Mohamad, by Goenawan Mohamad

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mungkin saja dalam mencari kita akan ragu, terombang-ambing mengiyakan pendapat lain, tidak tegas, tapi kita melalui suatu proses yaitu “berpikir”.

Translating as a Purposeful Gosnawan Consequently, there are examples of internal rhymes and repetitions found in this poem produced by the repeated final vowel sounds of words in the sentences within the stanza.