YLI was intitiated by PT. There were 1, applicants and as usual, the team annualy decided 60 participants. Well, trying is not something wrong. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Once you are accepted to join the program, you will be asked to formally agree to commit to the program by signing an offer letter in which you accept the terms and condition to join the 6 months program. So … from this poster, my adventure begun ….

April 28 at 8: One February intake a year with MBA seminars and tutorials ranging in size between 20 and 60 students where quality interaction is possible. But that is only a mere thought in my mind …. What are the important dates? Developing the next generation of Indonesian leaders. Well, I already knew that we could not just relax and did nothing while we wait for the first forum after receiving the invitation letter of YLI.

We guarantee that the excitement will be doubled up in forum 2!

The students are forced to work hard on their academic life. If my GPA is below 3. People can use STAR that stands for situation, task, action, and result, which are powerful tools to make a great essay.

Outstanding leadership skills as evidenced by a significant contribution to extra-curricular mckinssey. Kegiatan ini akan dilaksanakan dari tanggal Januari di Manila, Philippines.


Bagaimana Menjadi Salah Satu “Young Leaders for Indonesia”? | Indonesia Mengglobal

See more at DOCS. The period between Forum 2 and Forum 3 was the hectic time for me, yet interesting. You will also have a close interaction with McKinsey consultants who can help you understand the nature of mckindey as consultants.

If your GPA is not significantly less than 3.

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Youth Exchange Indonesia Community Organization. Using and maximizing the very well maintained systems which could be seen on a well established of student-oriented mckinseyy. YLI was intitiated by PT. Do not forget to make sure that there are no typos and grammar errors.

essay yli mckinsey

Next Events No Upcoming Events. Focus and understanding to be effective leaders who focus on solving problems, delivering impact and driving change in Indonesia 5.

What are the important dates? When I joined my student exchange, my friend Novia, told me to join a leadership program.

We ought to gather twice a month y,i an conference Ylj room and conducted a meeting. There were 1, applicants and as usual, the team annualy decided 60 participants.

Remember that curriculum vitae is not the list of experience which we only mention about the description of the job or participation but it is about the list of achievements, for example: Well, I can say that it was like they were approaching us, not the other way around.

UGM Students Join Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 9

Friday, July 20, Time: Failure to attend the program fully will bear consequences to return the scholarship benefits in pro-rated amount: After rigorously choosing, selected applicants will get scheduled phone interviews. I was too young to start everything, that was what I thought.


essay yli mckinsey

Be sure to register yourself to attend the info session at: Be prepared and make sure your energy is fully charged so you can get the full forum experience. All courses in the MBA have been redesigned to equip students with the skills to identify, evaluate and apply the best available evidence to inform more effective decision making. My friend, Novia, send it to me.

Developing the next generation of Indonesian Leaders

Jakarta, Aug 26, April 29 – May 13, Here, applicants need to find a way to solve the obstacles. Indonesia Mengajar Community Organization. Participating in mcckinsey programs organized by big companies is one of the priceless experiences one can get during college. The purpose is to check their English ability since all forums and assignments are conducted in english.