Part II items 1 Rubric for explanation and 6 Criteria: Ask the students to solve the problems given in Activity 6. Look for values of w that would make the mathematical sentence true. Their understanding of this lesson and other previously learned mathematics concepts and principles will facilitate their learning of the next lesson, Quadratic Functions. Which of the following equations represents the given situation? This lesson had been taken up by the students in their Grade 7 mathematics. Tell them to perform Activity 1.

March 24, Guide questions for this activity can be found in LM p. This activity will allow the students to apply the mathematical concepts they learned like the zeros of the function. Let them explain how they arrived at their answers and how they applied the different mathematics concepts or principles in performing each operation. Which of the following quadratic equations has no real roots? Sketch plans or designs of objects that illustrate quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, and rational algebraic equations i. For activity 11, the students are expected to formulate quadratic inequalities involving the dimensions of the floors of rooms, and the measures and costs of tiles. Ask them to explain how they came up with the equation that represents the area of the shaded region.

March 24, Answer Key 22 1. In this activity, the students will be presented with a situation involving quadratic inequality. Ask them to perform Activity 3.


A Conducting math investigation is one of the useful methods to develop the mathematical thinking skills of the students. They were able to find out also how such equations are illustrated in real life. This set encourages students to read 16 books during the winter months of the school year. Or they might use one of the master classes as a makeup.

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He wants to go to school with my mother today 8. Find out how much you already know about this module. Let them explain why not all solutions to the equation they formulated represent the particular measure of each figure. And there are no makeups.

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March 24, explanations. My income was cut nearly in half! They will also learn to derive the equation of a quadratic function given a table of values, graphs, and zeros.

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The learner demonstrates Paper and understanding of key Pencil Test concepts of quadratic functions. Sorgenfrey and William L. In this activity, the students will be able to develop their mathematical thinking skills.

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The negative solutions cannot be used since the situation involves measures of length. When does he play hockey with yout roomate? Sorgenfrey, and Robert B. Furthermore, they will lseson given a chance to apply the concepts learned in real- life problems and also to formulate their own real-life problems involving quadratic functions.

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Payment Options By giving families options, homeworo feel excluded, even if my rates are higher than some in my town. We might play music games. Let the students perform the task in Activity In this activity, the students will be presented with a situation involving a quadratic equation. In this section, let the students apply the key concepts of Quadratic Equations.


This activity provides the students with an homewodk to recall finding solutions of linear equations, an important skill that they need in order to solve quadratic equations. Answer Key March 24, 13 1. The solutions are real numbers.

Activity 9 Answer Key Problem 1: Formulating and solving real-life problems involving quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, and rational algebraic equations k.

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Does he need to go to the Men’s room? What is the other root? Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of key concepts of the quadratic function, formulate real-life problems involving the concepts of quadratic lessln, and solve these using a variety of strategies. The directions are given below. Quadratic or Not Quadratic?