The survey results in relation to level of satisfaction with shopping environment, store location and store environment at Tesco. This in turn helps in the retainment of old customers and also creates a good reputation in the market. SERVQUAL model is based on the perception gap between the received service quality and the expected service quality and has been widely adopted for explaining consumer perception of service quality and thus level of customer satisfaction. How often the respondents come for shopping at Tesco at the selected store. However, there is some criticism on the positive relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Secondary data for the research is collected from different secondary sources including books, journals, websites, articles, newspapers, blogs and websites. To fulfil the main aim, the following objectives will be further accomplished;.

Based on the pragmatism, the research question has key role within the research project as well as the research is based on the practical outcomes. The advantages of the used research methods can be shown as follow-. Numerous authors Babakus and Boller, ; Brady et al, ; and Carrillat et al. For instance, the researcher has preserved confidentiality and privacy of all respondents both in interview and survey during the preparation of research report. In recommendation part, the researcher has provided cost-effective and constructive recommendations for the case studied organization as well as future research opportunities in accordance with the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. Several researchers and authors, e. Club card , the use of advanced technologies for the customers, the nature of customer service and customer relationship management etc.

There was issue of confidentiality during the collection of primary and secondary data through interview, survey and reviewing and analysis of document. Level of satisfaction with price of product at Tesco plc, UK. This exercise asked a large sample of Tesco shoppers about their demands and expectations and the ability of the organization to meet those demands and dissertatoon Tesco plc, For example, the Assistant Store Manager has mentioned that there are several factors, such as tesck of product, availability of product and overall customer service etc.


The researcher has ensured the validity of the research through pilot study and testing of the research questions with his peers. The researcher would like to mention following points as limitations on research methodology.

To fulfil the main aim, the following objectives will be further accomplished. SERVPERF assumes that respondents provide their ratings by automatically comparing performance perceptions with performance expectations and that measuring expectations directly is unnecessary.

He has mentioned following factors that could affect customer satisfaction at Tesco, UK.

Loyalty Cards

How often the respondents come for shopping at Tesco at the selected store. To collect reliable and detailed data from the relevant coubcard of the case studied organization; andTo ensure more flexibility in collecting data. The questions in the questionnaire are mostly close-ended questions based on Likert Scale Rating which has been analysed through factor percentage analysis method.

SERVPERF model to measure customer satisfaction that mainly concern with service quality and performance perceptions against performance expectations. The second highest e. The key business strategies of Tesco, that mainly focus on the customer satisfaction that can lead to customer loyalty include.

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Customer loyalty is significantly controlled by the customer satisfaction of Tesco as high level of customer satisfaction produces high level of customer loyalty whereas low level of customer satisfaction reduces customer loyalty. Thus, based on the interviews results, researcher would like to opine that all of these factors can greatly affect the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK.

tesco clubcard dissertation

The main purpose of this research dissertation is to evaluate the relationship between brand trust earned through loyalty cards used in many conventional retail stores. All rights reserved with Essay and Report Writing a product of 2Write.

From Tuesday to Friday the store is open for dissetation hours, while there are some limited hours for store opening times on Saturday to Monday Tesco.

So, the limited number of interview may have negative impact on the overall research report.


Critical analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty (Tesco, UK)

Meanwhile, in same manner the customers, who seek benefits towards an organization and respond with their loyalty to the organization Rashid, Definition and explanation of customer loyalty at Tesco: Critical Review of Literature 4. Conclusions and Recommendations 7. They have stated that the research report must be valid, the collected data should be reliable and the research findings should be generalised.

Tesco plc, UK is one of the leading retail supermarket chains in the UK market. According to Lancasterresearch philosophy is the way by which the researcher produces knowledge and understanding in respect with the research subject. Thus, this chapter sets out the conclusions and recommendations, based on the literature review and the primary research carried out by the researcher. Rashid has mentioned that organizations seek benefits in order to develop a relationship with their customers for the purpose of achieving competitive advantage.

To develop valid recommendations through analysing data and information collected from primary, secondary and tertiary sources whether there is close relationship or link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty both to academic and organizational perspective.

tesco clubcard dissertation

The researcher has used questions in tesck interview. However, he stated that a customer may continue to buy from a business because of the relationship that has made by the business and offering products and services according to their demands and expectations. The key summary of the secondary findings can be represent as follows.

The Assistant Store Manager was female and aged of 30 who have been working for 5 years within Tesco plc. Clubbcard company has been serving millions of customers every week Tesco PLC, Analysis of research findings has vital influence on research project to prepare standard research report with valid conclusions and recommendations.